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Thursday, 05 January 2012 00:00

Regan Mercantile began publishing the Evony games in 2009 with our first title released 6 May 2009; we’ve come a long way!  We currently have nearly 30 million customers worldwide and Evony: Age I has outperformed competitors such as Runescape, Travian and Empire Quest.  It shows that our goal of providing a free to play game does not have to lack in entertainment, quality or interest. Evony: Age II was released early 2010. With Evony: Age II, this set the standard worldwide for massively multiplayer online real time strategy games by giving amazing graphical interfaces, challenging game play and an immersive world which players from across the globe can enjoy; all Free Forever.

With expert graphic artists, leading program engineers and a global development team fully committed to the success of Evony: Age II, we’re looking forward to the release of new games very soon.

We at Regan Mercantile feel that the future of games is the free to play model called “Freemium”; whereby customers can purchase if they want, but are under no obligation to.  It really shows the success of the game owner, Evony, LLC, by going against the normal video game publishing and charging for access or forcing players to pay, or alternatively to forcing players to watch third party advertisements.  Instead of forced loyalty, we're able to create an extremely loyal community which grows exponentially through word of mouth as well as marketing and generates a wonderful game community atmosphere where players help one another for the love of the game.  Our model of Freemium sets the standard for the future, and we’re quite proud of that achievement.

Company Overview

Regan Mercantile’s corporate motto is “The Pursuit of User Happiness".

Regan Mercantile's mission is "We've set out to create online games that provide fantastic gameplay and enjoyment for players across the globe while maintaining a freemium model and a leadership role among MMO’s in this space. Through innovation, we continue inventing new ways to keep our leadership in the market and against our competitors so that free online games do not equate to less than an excellent user experience. "

We’ve succeeded tremendously through the release of two titles, “Evony: Age I” and “Evony; Age II”. Through an exponential growth from a handful of players and a server to now boasting over 200 servers and nearly 30 million registered active players, Evony has set the bar for video game developers and publishers that free does not mean you have to lack in quality.

Our players who play Evony: Age I and Age II are taking part in leading technology and research with lots of hard work and effort from our team to giving them the best in online free entertainment.  With players from around the world, Evony is truly a global phenomenon.

Business Overview

Regan Mercantile works in an environment based on responsibility and mutual respect. People come to Regan Mercantile because we have created an environment that encourages creativity and achievement, and embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of ingenuity, responsiveness and self-improvement.

Regan Mercantile seeks to attract highly motivated individuals that want to work as a team and share in the commitment, responsibility, risk taking and discipline required to achieve our vision. Part of attracting these special individuals is to build a culture that promotes both uniqueness and a bias for action.

While we are realistic in setting goals and expectations, Regan Mercantile is also aggressive in reaching its objectives. This success in turn enables Regan Mercantile to give its employees above average compensation and innovative benefits or rewards, key elements in helping us maintain our leadership position in the worldwide marketplace.

Evony is a young business that has taken different steps from the larger video game publishers and third party developers in that we’re actively not only developing our games, we’re also managing the publishing aspects as well.  While there are a few independent video game developer and publishers, it is our huge success coupled with our passion at delivering a great game for free to our players is what sets us apart from the rest.

We started with a handful of passionate and highly dedicated professionals and growing tremendously. Evony chose to embark on our journey, building from the ground up.

Quickly, players have spread and contributed to the success of Evony: Age I and Ae II through word of mouth and direct advertising; and while the majority of companies experienced a time of downturn and troubles during the Global Financial Crisis, Evony has managed not only to buck the downward trend, we’ve come out with a huge success as well as a very loyal and strong player community which we value tremendously.  It's the mutual respect that Evony has and enjoys with our player community that we strive to protect and reward.

While competitors have chosen to go for investors and try to emulate our success; we’re proud that Evony has been able to set the standard for free online games that don’t give second-rate quality.  With superior graphics, game play and game mechanics, Evony: Age I and Age II has overtaken the traditional online games such as Runescape and Travian and now we command the highest level of reach across the globe for free games.

With our new launches and high quality services we are keen to continue our success : Evony; the Pursuit of User Happiness!

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