As a young independent video game developer and publisher, we at Evony have had some great achievements in such a short time and we’re quite proud of it! A few of them are:

  • Users
  • 8 Million Active Users September 2009
    5 Million Active Users July 2009
  • Users
  • Facebook Group – Over 1,000 Users as of September 2009
    Twitter Group – Over 300 Users as of September 2009
  • Users
  • First Fansite – September 2009
    Creation of Fansite Program – August 2009

The Latest News

  • Evony on Facebook!
  • Did you know that Evony has an official Facebook fan group that you can join?

    Great insider scoop, heads up on contests and prizes as well as a place where you can join and show your friends that you play Evony.

    Just head on to the Evony Official Facebook group page and sign up today!

The Official Evony™ News

  • Evony Reaches 8 Million!
  • 31 Aug 2009

    Evony is pleased to announce that it has just reached a milestone with 8 million online active registered users for Evony: Age I.

    The company is looking forward to hitting the 10 million mark by October 2009.

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